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Coin2Play: Gaming Transactions Decentralized

August 14, 2018


More and more blockchain projects are tackling the challenge of creating the perfect decentralized application platform, a space ripe with so much potential.


Coin2Play is approaching this mold a bit differently, as they already have a specific use case in the works.  Coin2Play's C2P token will be used as a currency for purchasing in-game items in an upcoming mobile game project built to take advantage of C2P's distributed ledger network and instantaneous transactions.


Coin2Play will also offer an API solution to any games or applications such as online casinos that wish to integrate them as a payment solution.  This could easily inject the world of cryptocurrency directly into the in-game micro-transaction industry, a market currently valued at roughly $8 billion USD, as well as the online gambling market, with a projected worth of over $81 billion by 2022 .  C2P is leading the charge into this field, and they are doing so with a unique protocol and vision.


Coin2Play's new hybrid PoW/ PoS MN system provides all of the benefits of a quick progression with PoW, then transitions into the long-term sustainability offered by a PoS/Masternode system.  The PoW premine will be 500,000 C2P which represents just 1% of the total supply of 50m, giving a generous reward to early mining supporters but also ensures a quick transition to the PoS/Masternode system, where the overwhelming majority of supply will be earned.



Block rewards follow a 65/35 split, with 65% going to Masternode owners and the remaining 35% to investors staking their coins. Collateral needed for a MN is 10k C2P and is going to offer the better share of any profits the coin sees.


With its sights set on casino and online gaming applications, Coin2Play ought to draw interest from those already huge markets in addition to crypto enthusiasts looking for new ways to pay for things with cryptocurrency.  The protocol is built to last, and I'll be interested to see what kind of applications decide to adopt the C2P platform for their transactions!



WEBSITE: - https://coin2play.io/ 

BITCOINTALK: - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4849316   EXPLORER: - http://explorer.coin2play.io/  

GITHUB: - https://github.com/Coin2Play/c2pcore/releases  

TWITTER: - https://twitter.com/coin2play

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