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ZestCoin: The Self-Sustaining Sponsorship Platform

September 29, 2018


Most Masternode-based platforms suffer from the same critical mistake; they allocate far too many Masternodes to the development team.  Understandably, the dev team then uses these Masternodes to mine coins and sell them, prioritizing quick gains over sustainable growth or a community-focused approach.  Through the initial mining done by these teams, coin price becomes wildly overvalued until they sell off their Masternodes, netting them profit but causing the price to crash (potentially beyond recovery). Clearly, this model is in need of some work, and Zest has a novel approach to solving the issues mentioned.


The team behind ZestCoin also realized that non-profit and charitable organizations are quite limited in what they can accomplish due to a lack of funding, and spend far too much effort just raising capital through individual/business donations and government funding.  This puts a strain on the whole organization and sometimes makes it impossible to achieve what the organization set out to do in the first place.  The Zest platform has been created with these needs in mind, and aims to offer a solution to make these organizations more self-reliant when it comes to funding.


To accomplish this, Zest has reverse-engineered the current Masternode methods and put together their Smart Growth Approach, strategically lowering the amount of Masternodes allocated to developers.  At the same time, Zest designed 5 Dedicated Masternode Pools to serve various aspects of the community and are backing each with 6 Zest-owned Masternodes (for a total of 30 Masternodes).  Harnessing the power of blockchain technology to provide funding for important causes is a use-case truly worthy of attention, so to get a clear picture of what Zest is all about let's take a closer look at the 5 Dedicated Masternode Pools.




Prosperity Pool

The Dedicated Prosperity Masternode Pool is designed to help fund non-profit organizations and charities aimed at improving quality of life for populations around the globe.  After a nomination and screening process, Masternode owners will vote for the cause they believe should receive funding.  All ZestCoins accumulated by the Prosperity Pool that month are then converted to BTC or Fiat and awarded to the winning organization/charity, allowing them to further their work while the Zest community grows and thrives.


Rapid Relief Pool

In an effort to assist those facing natural or man-made disasters, the Dedicated Rapid Relief Masternode Pool is designed as a reserve of sorts, storing the value accumulated by the pool and allocating it to the global and local organizations capable of providing relief in emergency situations.  Zest uses these reserved funds to help in any way possible, be it evacuation support, temporary housing, food/water and other supplies, or whatever else the affected residents may need.  Thanks to this pool, Zest has the ability to impact the lives of those in need in a truly meaningful way.


Accelerated Athletic Pool

The Dedicated Accelerated Athletic Pool was created to serve individuals and groups interested in sports as both a recreational and professional pursuit.  By providing financial support to local youth athletics groups or organized sports teams, Zest is able to assist athletes of all levels looking to further their athletic goals.



Scholars Club

The Dedicated Scholars Masternode Pool was created with the goal of finding and funding the next generation of forward-thinking students.  Zest will perform blind screenings of all nominees both during the application phase and the voting phase to ensure a selection free from prejudice or unconscious bias.  When winners are declared after being voted on by Masternode holders, they will receive a scholarship equal to one year's worth of tuition!  This scholarship is available for anyone to apply to, with an application listed on Zest's website.


Club Zest

Designed as an interactive fund for sponsoring Masternode owners, Club Zest aims to assist Masternode owners in achieving their dreams.  Owners can submit their proposals seeking funding for anything they can imagine, and if approved, Zest will sponsor them.  Club Zest will be the perfect source for ambitious Masternode owners to both develop and fund their dreams, all powered by the Zest sponsorship platform.


Armed with these 5 solutions, Zest is poised to change the way the world is funded.  Everything from disaster relief to sponsoring entry into a video game tournament can be funded using the Zest platform, opening up endless possibilities and a nearly limitless use-case.  Masternode owners can rest assured that as long as people or groups need funding, Zest will be there to fit the bill, offering a blockchain-based sponsorship solution for any kind of cause.

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