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doc.com: Universal Health Care Meets Blockchain

October 30, 2018


Out of the 195 countries in the world, only 58 offer Universal Health Care to their citizens.  With health and wellness being the most important factor to an individuals quality of life, the number of countries offering Universal Health Care solutions is drastically low. doc.com, the company behind docHealth, aims to change this with their software and services suite utilizing their Medical Token Currency (MTC), and has already been able to impact the lives of more than 100,000 people with the use of their docHealth and Cool Emotions mobile apps.


The doc.com platform utilizes AI and Smart Contract technologies to bring free basic health care to the world thanks to the advent of blockchain technology.  Patients may use the docHealth mobile app to solicit health care from AI-assisted doctors 24 hours a day, meaning the patient no longer has to rely on their best guess or wade through hours of online research only to end up misdiagnosing their own ailments.  With docHealth, as soon as a patient starts describing their symptoms the Cross Diagnosis Human-AI Engine (CDHAIE) begins offering the doctor real-time suggestions based on deep AI analytics in order to make the first contact time-efficient and accurate.  The CDHAIE is also utilized in doc.com's mental health service tool, Cool Emotions, bringing this ground-breaking AI technology to the world of psychology as well.


What is the Medical Token Currency (MTC)?


MTC is the cryptocurrency token that fuels the doc.com platform and ecosystem.  It can be used in various ways, including payment for advanced services across the doc.com platform, purchasing health care related goods on the planned in-app marketplace, and even trading on the open crypto market.  MTC is also required for accessing patient data stored on the doc.com blockchain, and patients who commit their data to the blockchain are rewarded with MTC. This data can be very useful to governments, research institutions, medical companies and more. Charging fees for access to this data while rewarding the data providers ensures a fair, transparent system that will continue to grow.


MTC token holders will also see special perks such as periodic promotions, discounted fees, preferential access to new products/services, and opportunities to contribute in future ICO/Token Sales that doc.com will help launch. MTC is truly a currency that rewards those who believe in the doc.com platform, offering more and more value to those holding it.  MTC also complies with all US regulations, so there is no worry of regulatory actions being brought against the project to harm potential investors or users.


Powerful Partnerships Bringing Health Care to the World


Now that we've learned about the doc.com platform and the MTC cryptocurrency that powers it, let's take a look at two of the newest partnerships doc.com has lined up to bring better health care services to the masses.


1. doc.com + Devlyn:  doc.com has officially partnered with Devlyn, the leading eye care provider in Latin America.  With over 9 million clients and more than 1,200 retail locations across Mexico, Guatemala and El Salvador, it is clear that the doc.com team is steadfast in their commitment to bringing the benefits of blockchain/crypto health care to the world.  This partnership represents the latest step in bringing health care to the world in an entirely new way, and is a great addition to the growing network of health care services offered by the doc.com platform.  doc.com users in Latin America now have easy, affordable access to vision care!




2. doc.com + Uber Mexico:doc.com and Uber have teamed up to run a pilot program for Uber drivers in Mexico.  This trial has the potential of becoming international and currently offers Uber Mexico drivers access to both the docHealth and Cool Emotions services.  This gives unprecedented health and psychological care to the thousands of drivers Uber has in Mexico, offering their drivers an easy and effective way to take better care of their physical and mental health.


doc.com Secures Offices in Miami, FL


In an impressive push to bring their health and wellness services to the US, doc.com has secured offices in the Wells Fargo Plaza located in Miami, Florida.  This move will give US citizens access to the docHealth service before November 3rd, 2018 with access to the Cool Emotions psychological care service coming shortly after.  Not only will the doc.com user base grow, but the blockchain will now be filled with medical information from one of the most medically important countries in the world.  This information will vastly improve the analytic capabilities of the platform and make for faster, more accurate diagnosis of patients problems all over the world.


 For more information on the products and services offered, lives impacted, and how it all works with the Medical Token Currency (MTC), be sure to visit doc.com.

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