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Humans.net: All Services in One Place

December 12, 2018


The internet has revolutionized the way we live our daily lives.  From staying connected with friends and family, to retail or even grocery shopping, most things can be done easily online.  In recent years, this trend has also impacted the way freelancers find work and companies or individuals find the people and services they need.  Humans.net has been created to streamline this even further, creating a global community of service providers, while imposing absolutely no fees or commission costs.


Online freelance services such as Upwork have become a great resource for people looking for work and the companies looking to hire them, however, using their service comes with a hefty price.  Humans.net set out to create the worlds first network of service providers and connects them with the people who need their skills, all without any fees or hidden costs.  This maximizes the earning potential for workers while also cutting costs for those doing the hiring.  They are able to achieve this by offering unique tools that allow workers and clients to connect directly, rather than having to rely on a middleman. 


Getting Started


On-boarding into the Humans.net ecosystem is quick and painless for both service providers and seekers.  All that is needed for international members is a Facebook account.  If you are in the US, you also have the option of signing up with your name, email, and phone number.  That's it!  Once you're in, just set up your profile with a picture and describe your skills and accomplishments.  Those looking to hire can post job offerings, and anyone can respond directly.  Because this is an open marketplace, freelancers can negotiate their rates and terms directly with clients before coming to an agreement.  This is all done within Humans.net's transparent messaging system, making it quick and easy to communicate.  Humans.net also features an instant-payment system to take the hassle out of getting paid for services rendered.


As this is a service designed for humans, it is highly recommended that you take some time to personalize your profile.  Your account is assigned a unique Humans ID, which will link directly to your profile.  Your profile acts as a showcase of your skill-set, so be thorough in listing your skills and achievements.  The Humans ID can easily be added to your other social accounts, websites, or even your business card in order to point people directly to your profile and grow your client base.  This all adds up to a uniquely powerful tool for finding and providing services, and allows people to build long-lasting relationships while realizing their true potential.


Powered by Blockchain


Humans.net is using blockchain technology to handle its powerful search functions, rather than relying on any kind of middleman.  Using what they call a “DNA-based” verification system supported by blockchain technology, the system allows each Humans.net member to identify an individual by their digital fingerprint, which includes verified references and proof of work left by other users. This allows for a fair, powerful, decentralized (read: human-to-human) databasing system that can be used for searching a specific individual or searching for potential service providers using a set of criteria.


Fair Marketing


Since Humans.net takes no commission or service fees, they need to generate revenue somehow.  The model they have chosen definitely falls in line with their core values, and comes to users in the form of marketing/advertising.  They have devised a unique system that uses machine learning to tailor advertisements to members, allowing them to see promotions that may actually interest them.  On top of that, members who choose to allow their data to be used for marketing purposes will also receive a portion of 25% of the marketing revenue!  This means that not only is there no fee for using the platform, but members actually have an opportunity to earn revenue just by sharing their data.  This is a truly revolutionary concept and one that should prove beneficial for all Humans.net members!


Humans.net was founded on the principle that its members are more than “users” - they are all humans.  In that regard they set out to provide a platform that allows all people from across the globe to help others in a free and open community.  The tools at members disposal allow for easy and effective interaction, making it an amazing resource for those looking to grow and realize their full potential.

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